What is HIPAA and basic of it

What is HIPAA?

In 1996, a new law came into the book. It was the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which is abbreviated by HIPAA. This law is a federal law which is a modern act compared to the act from early 1965. It is there to protect the residents from health care reforms. The main purpose of it is to help reduce health care costs and provide the maximum amount of service to the residents. It also works to help protect people from security and personal information distribution and to regulate administration uses. The HIPAA is actually divided into subcategories. There is the HIPAA Security and their Privacy. As the name suggests their Privacy protects people and their personal health care information, and it gives it the utmost privacy restrictions. Nothing is shared without the consent of the individual themselves. The state takes the peoples personal information very seriously, and it will not share this information from any third party, and to ensure it does not, the Privacy has set rules.

HIPAA Security has more of an administrative purpose. It is involved in the organization’s administration, information technology, and other high tech communication devices. The reason is that the security sector divides its tasks between various sections like data recovery, data breaches, encryption and other forms of data storing. The Health and Human services organization handles all covered entities, and it makes much simple. They sometimes will be working with other businesses to provide maximum benefits to both parties. So, the question, what is HIPAA, can be broken down into the two main groups; HIPAA Security and Privacy.

HIPAA and the Basics

 The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act has been in effect since 1996. The act was established to protect the residents of the US, against privacy policy and security. The HIPAA has two main sub divisions to it. The first one being security and the second one is Privacy. The organization tries to reduce health costs and improve services for its health care users. Health care billing also falls under the HIPAA. Even though HIPAA is a stand-alone organization, it still is managed by an upper-level organization. It is currently managed by the Health and Human Services Organization. The basic title suggests that workers will still be covered by health care services even if they lost their recent job. There are various other titles that are part of the HIPAA. Another title mentions, anyone not abiding by the their laws, will be charged or fined with the appropriate charges.

The two main divisions are Security and Privacy. The privacy aspect covers health care users, and keep their personal information private. This information will not be shared or transferred across to anyone or any party under any circumstance. The written or signed consent from the individual is required before any information can be distributed. Failure to abide by the set rules is a HIPAA violation. The Security department is responsible for the administrative and technological aspect of the organization. The manage the online services as well as the internal administrative processes. They have to make sure the network is secure, and they specialize in encryption, data breaches, data storing and data recovery. There are fines if you do obey the regulations that have been set. There are violations, and you should make sure to take note of them if you do not want to end up paying hefty amounts to the Health and Human Services Organization.

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