Uses Of Different Sugar Varieties

Different Sugar: Most of us know what white table sugar is and exactly how it is utilized. Many of are also well-known with brown sugar and also may have heard of confectioners sugar. However, there are many other sugar types, and also each variety is utilized for specific reasons, although not always in the house. This content presents some helpful info on the eight most common sugar categories.

  • 1. White Sugar (Regular Table Sugar)

Commonly utilized to sweeten liquids and also foods and in many baked foods, it is the most widely known sugar variety. All white sugar is finely ground, however, some categories are more so than others (extra fine white sugar).

2. Fruit Sugar (Fructose)

Fruit sugar is finer than the white sugar, and also its crystals are of a uniform size. It is perfect for sweetening liquids since it’s more difficult to combine the larger crystals of other sugar categories into a fluid. This sort of sugar is used in almost all ready-made sweet powdered drinks, pudding powders or gelatins.

3. Particular Baker’s Sugar

Utilized by bakers to dust unto the tops of desserts such as sugar donuts or cookies, specific baker’s sugar is finely ground into a powdery consistency. Search for it sugar variety in larger grocery stores.

4. Super, Ultra-fine or Bar Sugar

Known as Castor sugar in Britain, it sugar type is specially intended for use in baking delicacies such as meringues, and also for preparing sweet fruit desserts. Since the name shows, it has an extremely fine texture.

5. Uneven Sugar

Coarse sugar is made by crystallizing sugar syrups. This has a distinctive flavor because of its higher molasses content. Unlike the sugar varieties above, coarse sugar crystals are large. This variety is generally utilized to prepare chocolate, fondants and also liquors.


6. Sanding Sugar

One other large crystal sugar variety, sanding sugar is mainly by the baking and also confection industry. One of the features is that its bigger granules sparkle and also give a shiny look to baked goods and also candies.

7. Brown Sugar

There’re several varieties of brown sugar; light brown sugar, dark brown sugar, Turbinado brown sugar, Demerara brown sugar …). Brown sugar is almost always made of sugar cane and also has a higher molasses content than other sugars. Utilized in the baking of certain desserts as well as to sweeten herbal teas.

8. Confectioner’s (Crystal) Sugar

The baking sugar reserved mainly for preparing icing, whipped cream, and also candies. Confectioner’s sugar is finely ground white sugar which is sifted to a fine texture. To store it from forming clumps, a small amount of cornstarch (about three percent) is added. Confectioner’s sugar is available in three different textures. The best confectioner’s sugar is the one you see on grocery shop shelves. There’re 2 coarser-grained categories, however, those are reserved mainly for the industrial production of baked desserts and also candies.

Nowadays that you understand a little about the different sugar categories available, why don’t you add a couple off of them to your kitchen staples? Where you utilize them for baking with or for cooking, you will find that not all sugars taste accurately the same. You may discover that you have been missing out on an easy way to give your desserts a special, distinctive flavor.

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