Sunshine Vitamin D

How Sunshine’s Vitamin D keeps You Healthy?

It is true that most of the people prefer to stay indoors, embrace the air-conditioner and shun the sunlight. You would be sad to know that more than 80% of urban India suffers from vitamin D deficiency.  Explore this article below to know how morning sun keeps you healthy and fit in different ways, so stop worrying about getting sunburn or skin cancer ailment!

Sunshine Vitamin D

  • Boost eyesight: It is wise to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun but do you know that vitamin D provided by sunlight preserves your eyesight too.
  • Fires up sex life: Sunshine can spark a fire in the bedroom too. Australian researchers discovered that sunshine kick-start the male sex hormone testosterone, boosting it by a whopping 70%.  Man’s libido is very affected by how much vitamin D he gains from the sun. Always keep in mind that men who ensure their body is sufficiently replenished with vitamin D supplies will do a world of good for their libido.
  • Strengthens teeth: You would be glad to know that sunshine enhances your smile. It has been seen that over time, lack of vitamin D can cause your gums to become inflamed and diseased. This means that the tiny ligaments that attach your teeth to the surrounding bone become weak and you can lose teeth more easily. Vitamin D antimicrobial controls the production of peptide catalyzed in and beta-defensin-2, which can reduce oral bacteria that contribute to the disorder. Moreover, Vitamin D strengthens the bones around the teeth.
  • Recharges immunity: Sunshine boosts body’s immune system so that it can easily fight against various viruses and bacteria. Scientists at the University of Copenhagen found vitamin D to activate our body’s defenses. It transforms your T-cells into ‘killer cells’, which seek out infections attacking your body.

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