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What Are The Obama Effects On Individual Health Insurance Policies?

Once the health reform legislation was passed by the House recently many American’s, medical providers, as well as private insurance agencies, have concerns about what the Obama effects on individual health insurance will mean to them.

Obama’s plan of health care will be a public option Government run insurance. This does not mean that you will have to give up private health plans you hold. It means that American’s who are uninsured or are dissatisfied with their current coverage has an option to enroll in the Government run insurance health plan.

Estimations are that this reform plan for insurance will cost anywhere from $55 to $60 billion dollars per year in the United States. It is proposed that this type of plan will save families over $2000 each year on their health care needs.

People who have chronic illnesses or diseases like autoimmune, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. Are usually placed under what private insurers call catastrophic policies and premiums go up each year till the price is so high people must cancel and go uninsured instead. This plan President Obama has set forth would eliminate this tragic flaw in the health insurance field.

The “Health Care for America” plan is an attempt to give those American’s who are not of Medicare age health insurance at an affordable rate through programs similar to that of Medicare which the Government will provide and also through current plans of health care with current employer’s.

Anyone who is an American citizen and under retirement or Medicare age is able to enroll for this coverage. This will help those who have pre-existing conditions and other medical problems get coverage and be able to afford it instead of having no coverage at all.

Many forms of care are covered a few include child well checks, maternal and prenatal care as well as mental health care and treatment too. Enrolled members will have only limited expenses coming from their own pockets as wells as most all prescription drugs have continuous coverage within as well.

All of kid’s health care medical needs will be taken care of and no money comes from your hands. Coverage costs are way below any rates with insurance companies who are not within this program. An entire family can be covered for as little as $150 -$200 every month.

No one who is of eligible age (under Medicare age) will be denied any plan of insurance due to having conditions that are either pre-existing or battling an illness. Children will have mandatory coverage for all their health care needs and programs will put into place in support of managing diseases and working on the prevention of them.

Paper medical records, as well as reports, will be all but non-existent in five years time if everything goes as planned. This will mean that all things related to you and your medical care will be stored in the Electronic Health Information Technology System. No more filling out paperwork or taking discs or films from one physician to the next. A Doctor can simply pull up your complete history at the touch of a key or two.

Many will still oppose this Health care for America plan but then again many of us American’s who cannot afford insurance coverage will applaud it. Thanks to some of the best benefits that Obama effects on individual health insurance has put into play.

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