difference between a ppo and hmo

Do You Know The Difference Between A PPO And HMO?

There are many options to consider when it comes to health insurance and these days you can’t be too careful. After all, you want insurance coverage that will take care of your family in case they become sick or injured but you can’t afford to pay a fortune over in health insurance premiums and you are not alone. More and more Americans are looking for the balance between good insurance and overpriced insurance and for many, the option of choosing a PPO or HMO plan is likely the median solution. It has a lot to offer by way of both service and price.

difference between a ppo and hmo

Either of these types of plans offers great benefits, that are very affordable. Regardless if you are considering purchasing your insurance privately or if it will be subsidized by your employer, you probably are giving one of these plans some serious thought as an alternative to an indemnity plan. It is very common for one of these plans to be the choice of many people looking for affordable coverage and under these plans, they find the answers they have been looking for.

Although, they may seem the same there are significant differences between an HMO and a PPO plan and the first and foremost is the amount of say you get in your doctor selection. In an HMO plan, you choose only one physician and that is your primary care physician. Whenever you are in need of a referral to another professional your primary care physician will refer you to another doctor accordingly. Some times they will allow you to choose between two different providers but in many cases, they simply send you to the one they prefer.

With a PPO you have a little more leeway in the fact that at any moment you can choose to go see any provider in your group for the same cost as your primary care physician. The only time you will pay more is to see a physician who is outside of your plan and most PPO and HMO plans will usually cover this type of out of network visit but at a significantly lower percentage. This is done to encourage individuals to stay within the group when seeking care.

These plans tend to be a lot less costly when it comes not only to premiums but also when it comes to out of pocket expense for services. More and more people are moving towards these plans as a way of reducing cost without reducing access to services.

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