Individual Health Insurance

Children’s Individual Health Iinsurence

What you should know about affordable individual health insurance options for your child.

Individual Health Insurance

In this day and age, it is hard for any of us to see a reason to go without health insurance. However, due to prices and uninsurability or lack of options in a particular area, many people do. In some cases, we understand the risks we are taking to not be covered under an individual health insurance umbrella. Regardless of these decisions we adults make, nobody wants to see their children go without quality individual health insurance. The good news is there are many options and most are very affordable or free.

First thing you should look at is if you are currently being covered by a group health insurance plan and your employer is charging a large amount for your dependent children. In this case, you may simply want to opt out of the dependent coverage and keep the group health insurance plan for yourself. You would then have the option of going to sites like and request a free health insurance quote. You will find that on a nationwide scale most children health insurance plans are under $100 a month, and many more are half that much. This is because most health insurance carriers do not find children to be high risk. Most kids are relatively healthy and the biggest risks are statistically accident related. One should never underestimate the cost a child being sick may put on a family without health insurance. Recent prices for children with Leukemia have ranged from $50,000 dollars to the millions.


There are other options available too. When doing the proper research many families can find helpful local, state, and federal health insurance programs designed to assist families in need. You will learn more about these options on the resource page. Our trained health insurance agents are here to try and provide you with your best options. If you are not able to afford an individual health insurance plan offered through one of our many health insurance carriers, then please ask your agent for what other options may be available to you in your state or city.

We thank you for your interest in our individual health insurance quotes, with our experience in increasing coverage and lowering health insurance premiums for over 35 years, we are sure you will find yourself making a good decision when you work with us to help meet your needs.

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