Is it worth investing online?

Investing online is a new trend developed out of extensive internet usage complemented by a growing tendency for investing. Online investments have more to do with processes rather than money involvement. It is a convenience to investors, managers, and companies alike. Investments online could be in the form of securities, mutual funds, shares, or deposits.

Investing online has its own benefits. With the widespread use of computing devices and unprecedented advancement in communication technology, trading of goods and services through the internet is an accepted practice. The main reason behind the success of online trading is the saving of time and resources. Computerization has resulted in eliminating paperwork and considerable reduction in time for data collection and compilation.

investing online

Before the emergence of online trade practices, trading in shares or investing in mutual funds or term deposits involved substantial paperwork. Verification of data was also time-consuming and sometimes took days. Loss of data was not unusual resulting in time loss. For investments in securities, oversubscription is normal for which refunds are made. Before online processes became popular, trading in shares or IPO (initial public offers) were made in the stock exchange. With subscribers, brokers, and managers occupying exchange premises, it was constantly crowded.

The situation was similar in commercial banks and financial institutions. Crowded banks were found everywhere with customers, vendors, and employees trying to occupy his own place. Bank visits were regular and a routine affair for many investors. This was a bit troublesome foraged, and indisposed customers.

Online trading has changed all these practices. Sitting from the comfort of your home you could make a comparison between securities before investing in them. The Internet allows you to participate in stock trading across multiple exchanges. Global trading is a definite possibility which was unimaginable in times of exchange floor trading. Through online trading virtual presence is only required to participate in dealing with securities. This trading process also eliminates the necessity of brokers and managers.

investing online

Mutual funds are other areas of online investment. Unlike stock trading, investment managers play a distinctive role in handling mutual finds. Investments in mutual funds are usually done through managing organizations. Leading mutual fund managers have their own websites through which investors could put in money. Mutual funds investments are best done by these managers as they are aware of the more profitable investments.

Availability of mutual fund options online allows you to compare among them. Prior to this facility, comparing among different mutual funds was painstaking. Traditionally, for proper investment in mutual funds, it was necessary to study money market carefully. Without a perfect understanding of money market behavior investments is mutual funds were extremely risky. With multiple websites dealing in money market studies, comparing among different investments is easier.

Another form of online investment is the term deposits. Term deposits are among the most popular investments as yield is high and the money stays secure. In addition to commercial banks and financial institutes, large business houses also make investments in the form of term deposits. All these options are easily available online. A distinct advantage of online investments is that money might be transferred through bank transfers using the internet, or by using debit cards. It is not necessary to go physically to your bank or investing concern.

Investing online is a distinct advantage for investors. Not only considerable time and resources are saved, it also gives you an opportunity to opt for the best available investment. Online investing is always a worthy proposition.

High School Diploma Online Distance Learning

Unique in that there is no other university with its strengths and weaknesses the University of Memphis has the chance to shift the balance of what kind of city Memphis can be. If Dr. High School Diploma Online Distance Learning Raines has her choice Memphis will become a leader in innovative thinking and philosophy

High School Diploma Online Distance Learning

technology application and execution as well as biomedicine and biosciences. With Memphis becoming a hub for all things biomedical the university will benefit greatly from research and development being done in labs inside its science buildings. Thirty-five centers and institutes call the University of Memphis home. And that number will increase over the next five years as new buildings and programs come online in alignment with where Dr. Raines is pushing the University of Memphis too.

Kadambini Ganguly and Chandramukhi Basu became the first lady graduates of the country in

High School Diploma Online Distance Learning e0bd High School Diploma Online Distance Learning

1882 from here which made a history in the women’s education of this country India. Today when Calcutta is turned to the Kolkata we all the Bengalis are recognized with our past Calcutta’s educational glory throughout the world. Some of the legendary educators of Calcutta University were Jagadish Chandra Bose Abanindranath Tagore Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Satischandra Vidyabhushan Rakhaldas Banerji and Surendranath Sen.

Master of music including Jazz and forensic science as well as athletic training is offered in no other institutions except this university. With so many unique courses offered by the University, it is no wonder that enrollment has been on the rise in the university –

  • About a decade before Elvis’ death was the assassination of Dr
  • The fees might vary; however, the average costs of is around $2644 Room & Board Room and board on campus is $7785 and that of off-campus is $11521 Admissions: High school graduates with a C average or holding a GED can apply
  • Trust me no matter what relationship it is
  • This information is taken directly from LEGAL AND REGULATORY ACTIONS A 2003 federal whistle-blower/false claims lawsuit filed by two former UOPX admission counselors alleged the university improperly obtained hundreds of millions of dollars in financial aid by paying its admission counselors solely based on the number of students they enrolled in violation of the

. State University website is the right place to approach for obtaining information on the University of Central Oklahoma.

I will agree to the experts explain the devastating effects. September 17, 1994, medical Journal the Lancet documented the striking differences in brain cell loss experienced by mentally alert elderly compared to folks with Alzheimer’s. The research headed by Waren J. Strittmatter O Duke University Medical Center discovered that Alzheimer’s patients autopsied subsequent to death lost brain cells in a much greater total and in more areas of the brain than in their elderly subjects. A precise amount of brain cell loss is standard by standard medicine to be a typical process of aging (not in my view but together with Alzheimer’s patients the loss is much greater.

It is a chance for them to put what they have learned into practice and students always get a great deal from the experience. If you are ahead of the sixth form or head teacher please get in contact with us to gather more information. University interview training has now become an essential part for all students to get into the most competitive courses and renowned institutions. There was a time when all you would need to produce would be a good set of A-level grades but times have changed now. In the present scenario, the University interview training services have grown because of an increasing demand. With more pupils receiving the top grades at A-level and with the increased in applications from the rest of the world universities and in turn UCAS have responded firstly with a more prevalent UCAS Personal Statement and secondly with university selection interviews.

From this location the student radio station BURST (Bristol University Radio Station) broadcasts and the student paper Epigram publishes. In terms of student life, the Union is responsible for the organization of the annual freshers’ fair the coordination of Bristol Student Community Action which organizes volunteering projects in the local community and the organization of entertainment events and student societies. In distinction to the ‘blues’ awarded for sporting excellence at Oxford and Cambridge Bristol’s outstanding athletes are awarded ‘reds’. Degrees: Bristol awards a range of academic High School Diploma Online Distance Learning degrees spanning bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well as junior doctorates and higher doctorates.

For the 2010 season, the Opera put on Don Giovanni Anna Bolena Romeo & Juliet Rigoletto and Boris Godunov. During the same season, the Symphony performed with artists Kenny G. Pink Martini Liza Minnelli and Scottish violinist Nicola Benedetti (among others) and presented programs including the music of Michael Jackson and a Beethoven series. ** Upscale Retail at NorthPark Center and Surrounding Venues ** Located at the intersection of US 75 (North Central Expressway) and Loop 12 (Northwest Highway) the upscale High School Diploma Online Distance Learning NorthPark Center provides visitors with a selection of more than 235 stores and restaurants. Anchored by AMC Theatres 15 Barneys of New York Dillard’s Macy’s Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom NorthPark also houses Bookmarks a 1993-square-foot facility within the Dallas Public Library system geared for children 12 years and younger. The center is surrounded by two other major shopping venues the Galleria Dallas and Highland Park Village.

Online Teaching Jobs Pa

Recent high school supplementary college rate is 45.2%. Online Teaching Jobs Pa Online Teaching Jobs teaching jobs in pa Pathe reality is that more than half of all high school students do Online Teaching Jobs Pa Do not graduate from high school and half of the higher secondary graduates will be enrolled in the college. This says there is a strong likelihood that the majority of for a good job does not hold a college degree. If you are willing to work well you can still get a good job and you can do this without college degree.

Read on and find out about the important aspects to check out when researching an online college education.

1. Career Goals and College Majors The first step you’ll want to take when looking at online colleges is to set a professional goal and decide on a college major.

Call in favors burn the midnight oil whatever it takes but make sure you get it in on time – every time. If you liked this article or would like to share your experiences or tips please leave a comment. College recommendation letters play an important role in getting

Online Teaching Jobs Pa

into college and a good recommendation can get an admissions committee to take notice of your application. Here’s some helpful information on college recommendation physical education teaching jobs in pa letters I’ve gathered over the years including strategies to help you get a recommendation social studies teaching jobs in pa letter that counts. Why do colleges like recommendation letters? Colleges use letters of recommendation to get to know you from an academic and personal perspective.

Find out more details about the accreditation. It should be valid and should be recognized by the US Department of Education or the High Recognition Council. What Is Accreditation The US Department of Education has teaching jobs in pa private schools identified key points in ensuring the accreditation of an online university?

Check with your counselor to see if they use it for teacher recommendations. Waiving your right to see your recommendations The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) gives you the right to see the recommendations your teachers have written about you. Most recommendation forms have a section you can sign that waives your right to see the recommendation your teachers write. By cyber school teaching jobs in pa Online Teaching Jobs Pa waiving that right, you let the teacher know that you will not see what they have written about you.

There are many elementary teaching jobs in pa financial firms Online Teaching Online Teaching Jobs Pa Jobs Pa out there that offer to start salaries to supplement your income while you build your business. As someone with a Master’s in Business Administration, you may be able to command a higher starting salary. Financial assistance varies by firm and location so do your research and find out what type of firm might work best for you. Possible special education teaching jobs in pa careers in this industry or related careers include financial advisers stockbrokers insurance agents and insurance agency managers. 4 Teach others. A master’s degree in any field including business can be a prelude to a music teaching jobs in pa teaching career. You may not be able to teach at a prominent university but with an MBA you can teach at a community college or a small private college.


  1. Apply for a Pell grant for your post-graduate certification
  2. Beginning compensation of graduates has been decreasing and the quality of jobs available have dropped
  3. So just ask your child about his preferences
  4. However, if you want to do really well you will have to work through something
  5. Click on “Register/Login” and input your login information if you previously created a JetBlue employment profile,-CO-jobs.html

Learning To Make Absolutely certain Your Work From Home Venture Is Actually Profitable

There are so several individuals who dream concerning Work on Home and being their own boss these days. Merely roll up out of bed and drink their particular coffee whilst reading through e-mails.

There would likely be simply no traveling, nobody to be able to disturb you, and your focus may be flawless. Not quite as easy as you may dream concerning. Being entirely responsible for yourself as well as your time is not as easy as you may assume. The overconfidence in addition to the surprise of unexpected troubles could cause great stress and confusion.

There’s additionally the challenge of being in a position to self-motivate devoid of the pressure of a superior on your rear. A number of individuals find themselves more distracted and less effective as soon as left to their own demise. If you work at home you happen to be accountable for controlling your own personal time.

To arrange yourself much better and get more completed try the following advice to successful time management skills as your very own boss. Here are a few home based business ideas to help you run a rewarding home based business.

Work on Home

1. Ensure you possess an individual work spot in your own home. That doesn’t mean that you must use a full business office in a personal area. Merely be sure that you have got a cubical and all of your accessories within a corner of 1 area. This will be your outlined work region and everything you need have to end up being within reach.

2. Learn the method that you Work on Home most effectively. You really must find the finest location in your residence that will help make you the most productive. Make sure you happen to be comfortable although not diverted by outside influences.

3. Be emotionally willing to handle specific duties. Make sure to schedule your day to fit your energy level. Be practical on just what you possibly can achieve. Should you be a morning person then do the most difficult things inside the morning hrs. Make sure to value your own responsibilities because these will allow the particular breaks you will must clear your mind and get yourself energized.

4. Ensure you possess the time for you to accomplish tasks by setting specific business enterprise time hours. Most individuals simply figure that because you happen to be at home you happen to be available. This is just not correct.

Interruptions are usually the most significant problems with the self-employed. Make sure the individuals recognize whenever you should be Work on Home and not call, IM, or maybe email you. Put the particular hours that you are available to and from on your website to enable customers to know whenever you are going to be there physically. Also, allow friends and anybody not necessarily business connected understand that during this period frame you will definitely not be available for social telephone calls.

Recognize this means of working takes a lot of negotiating, organizing, in addition to prioritizing. No matter just what exactly you are doing you’ll get that private telephone call or drop in while you are looking to work. You’ll additionally get that business enterprise call or email after your particular hours. It happens to everyone. Never stress. Take the unexpected emergency approach. If this sounds like a private or maybe business enterprise crisis cope with it instantly. In the event that it is something that can wait till an appropriate time then let the individual know.

Creating Your Internet Marketing Strategy

If you do not have an internet marketing strategy, then it is the best time to have one before you get left behind. Today a lot of businesses are marketing on the internet and an effective marketing strategy will help you to become successful.

– You have to know your target audience

To prepare a really effective internet marketing strategy you have to know whom you are marketing to. And thus you have to what your target market is – their location, age, interests, some other demographics, and many others. You have to know what web design features will surely attract them as well as what they are searching for in terms of services, products and how you have to market to them.

– Do not forget about keyword research

When you know your target market, it is necessary to determine what keywords they are going to be looking for in order to find your types of services and products. To do so it is necessary to use different keyword research tools. It is necessary to search for keywords that have high search volume as well as relatively low competition to know what your target market requires.

– Different tools

When you have determined your target market and what keywords they are using in order to look for your services and goods, you have to understand what tools are available as well as which of these techniques will reach your target market. Today there are a lot of different powerful tools that you can use in your internet marketing, but it is necessary to know which of these will be more effective for your target market.

Internet Marketing Strategy

– Developing and applying your strategy

After that you have to create and apply your internet marketing strategy, putting together all the things you have learned. You have to use different tools that will reach your target market and then see which ones will give you the best results.

– Testing, tracking and reviewing it

When you have applied your strategy, you need to have a constant process of testing, tracking and reviewing your methods and results to master the strategy and get the results you want to get. Today there are a lot of different tools that will help you to determine which internet marketing strategies work for you and which ones do not. When you see things are working or not, you can alter your internet marketing strategy in accordance.

In fact, creating an internet marketing strategy is constant process that starts with determining your target audience and the keywords that they will use in looking for your services and products, creating and applying a plan and testing it, tracking and reviewing your internet marketing strategy on an ongoing basis in order to make sure that you always get the best possible results.

Any online business deserves to receive internet marketing. Find out how many site owners are building traffic from search engines now – this is part of IM strategy for successful site owners shown on this Internet marketing site.

P.S. And when you have nice targeted traffic – then “web traffic” questions become very easy.

P.P.S. Right now we are living in the world where information quickly enhances the quality of our life. For this reason, if you are armed with information about yourself correctly, you can be sure that, in any case, you will be out of any bad situation. Therefore, visit this website regularly or – Make sure the easiest way to take care of it – subscribe to your RSS feed. So you will have your hand on the pulse of the latest information updates here. Blogs can be useful, you just have to understand how to use them.

Internet Marketing For Beginners

Internet marketing is one of the many opportunities to start making money online. It is not a secret today that people get great income working online. In other words, it is possible to get a great deal of income and to become a very successful person by simply clicking keyboard at home.

In order to start your own online business, you need an only computer, access to internet and desire to learn. There are many sources of information and everyone can become a successful internet marketer. It is interesting to get to know that initially internet business was set up by amateurs. Today there are even special courses at the universities which prepare specialists for internet marketing.

Internet Marketing

The Internet has brought the whole new dimension. It gives many chances and opportunities. There are too many ways to start getting real income. In order to avoid getting into the trouble and to make the right choice, you should get to know some specific aspects of internet marketing and to figure out whether it really fits you or no.


First of all, you need to approach internet marketing business seriously. There are too many different situations in which it is better to get prepared and to understand what is going on. That is why you have to bee fully into the business and to take the whole responsibility. Also, be prepared to great workload. You have to acquire and to implement your knowledge.

Get quick rich schemes do not work. There are many people who are expecting to get a lot of income and to become rich quickly. What is more, they are even trying to neglect various precautionary measures and to think seriously of what it is possible to do. Internet marketing can offer a lot of various chances to make money.

As a beginner, you are likely to have no experience and not enough knowledge to perform the business well. That is why you need to get educated.

The best way to make money is to get engaged in the business at once. However, you risk wasting a lot of time and money. It is better to get a professional who knows how to run the business and what to do for great results.

After you get some experience and some knowledge you have to figure out how to deal with other aspects. That is why choose the niche you would like to work in.

Decide on what you are good at and develop your skills in one particular direction. Within some time you will be able to get much more and to understand a lot of various facts. Today it is better to be careful and to take timely steps which will lead you to success.

Any online business deserves to get web traffic. Discover how many people are receiving web traffic now – this is part of Internet marketing strategy for successful Internet marketers shown on this site.

And once you have nice traffic – then making money with Adsense.

P.P.S. Today we live in the world where info makes life easier. For this reason, if you are properly armed with information about you, then you can be sure that you will be out of any bad situation in any case.

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3 Ways to Improves Your Website With a/b Testing

Is your website working? Yes? Excellent! But is it working well?


Determining if your website accomplishes your goals can be harder than it sounds.  Sure, you’re getting conversions from your “Contact Us” page, but could you get even more if you changed something? Even something small?


One of the ways to answer the question of whether your website can be doing better is to conduct A/B testing. The term “A/B testing,” also called “split testing,” means comparing two versions of something (A and B) by releasing them at the same time and seeing which does better.


You can A/B test almost anything you put your mind to, but I’ll mostly be talking about A/B testing landing page features since that’s what’s most relevant to small business websites.

A/B testing can help convince visitors to a website to convert into customers by making small but carefully thought-out changes to landing pages. The problem comes when trying to figure out what works well and what doesn’t. The use of science, specifically the scientific method, is an excellent way to see what small changes produce the best results.

The trouble is that science is too time-consuming for most businesses to implement well. Mega-corporations like Google and Apple have gads of data to make decent sample sizes to analyze, plus the capability to hire statisticians and psychologists to do the analyzing. They might even have the resources to train bonobos to do all the science for them.

But the rest of us do not, and thus true science stays firmly out of our grasp. (For a great talk about this very subject, read this post by Will Kurt at KISSmetrics.) But that doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate the structure of science into your business’s website.


Scientific thought can turn A/B testing into a truly powerful tool that will help you make your website work as well as possible.


What Most A/B Testing Looks Like


A/B testing in web marketing, when simplified to its essence, involves these steps:


  1. Choose a webpage to test.
  2. Choose a variable to alter.
  3. Make a distinct change to that variable.
  4. Randomly show the control (unaltered) and altered versions of that page to visitors.

The objective is to see which of the two versions achieves a goal more consistently, often the goal of obtaining information from visitors.

A hyper-simple example of A/B testing, (one I used to describe the process to my scientist of a sister, who was dubious about the whole thing), would be that a landscaping business’s website has a contact page encouraging people to call them to attain their services.


Whoever’s in charge of marketing has decided that the color of their CTA (call-to-action) button on the contact form, “Call now!”, will be their variable. The original button was yellow, but now they test it by creating a duplicate page where the only difference is that the button is now green. Both versions of the page are released at random to the page’s visitors.

Now they sit and watch and wait to see which button gets more clicks.


It’s thrilling stuff. (You only hear as much sarcasm as you want.)


If all that sounds painfully abstract, it’s because it’s actually quite similar to science, which more or less amounts to: “We’re going to design an experiment to gather and analyze data to see what stuff does stuff.” Of course, science is a little more complicated than that.


A Brief Overview of the Scientific Method




How does one shoehorn any part of the scientific method into the process of A/B testing? Well, one can’t claim to use or even be inspired by the scientific method if one doesn’t know what it is. So let me infuriate my many science teachers over the years by oversimplifying one of our species’ most cherished schools of thought. (Sorry, Mr. Gustke.)


The scientific method aims to use observation and the collection of data to study phenomena and attain knowledge. In its most simplified model, the one usually taught to elementary school students, the scientific method can be broken down into the following steps (with accompanying examples):


  1. Ask a question: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?
  2. State your hypothesis: It will take more than 50 but less than 100 licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.
  3. Make predictions: If someone licks a Tootsie Pop 0-49 times, he or she will still not reach the center of the Tootsie Pop.
  4. Design an experiment: Get some person to lick a Tootsie Pop until they reach the center and count each lick. Have them repeat this process several times to increase the sample size.
  5. Analyze the data: It took between 55 and 75 licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.
  6. Interpret the data: It takes an average of 65 licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.
  7. Retest the experiment: Do the whole thing over the exact same way to see if these results can be recreated.*

In marketing, that ends up looking more like this:


  1. Ask a question: How can we get people to click on our “buy now” button?
  2. State your hypothesis: I bet we could get them to click on it if it were red.
  3. Make predictions: Yeah, I bet we’ll see, like, a 20% increase in conversions with a red button.
  4. Design an experiment: Start that A/B test, stat.
  5. Analyze the data: We saw a 2% decrease in conversions with the red button.
  6. Interpret the data: Ok, so that didn’t work.
  7. Retest the experiment: We shall never revisit this issue again. Tell everyone that red buttons are banned from this day forth.
  8. You may have noticed that there’s one gigantic difference between science and A/B testing (aside from the fact that one is how humans advance as a species and the other is how people make money more efficiently on the internet): Science REPEATS experiments over and over again to verify that their hypothesis can be confirmed consistently. A/B testing tends to be a mite less exhaustive.
  9. This reflects the fact that science has a general goal of attaining truth and establishing what we may call “fact” by studying measurable results. By contrast, A/B testing tends to focus solely on the measurable results because they’re useful in an immediate sense, which is a comparatively superficial goal. It comes down to this: Scientists seek truths. Marketers seek conversions.
  10. But that doesn’t mean that marketing can’t borrow some of science’s truth-finding methods.

Using the Scientific Method in A/B Testing

It’s important to think of A/B testing as an exercise in general web design, not just as a way to attain conversions. As our web designer, Curtis told me, quite patiently, “You should use A/B testing to develop your web philosophy.”


Effectively, good A/B testing needs to take the larger picture into account: You want visitors to your website to feel comfortable enough to convert. Changing fonts and colors is really about helping them reach that comfort and trust.


But how do you know whether those font and color choices affect conversions at all? At times, A/B testing can seem like fumbling in the dark. The solution is to take some cues from science.


Here are three such cues, lifted from the scientific method, that can be incorporated into A/B testing to make it less of a crapshoot:


  • Choose one variable to test.


A variable is NOT something like a CTA button. A variable is a specific thing ABOUT the CTA button, like its font or color or copy. If you’re fiddling with more than one of these elements at a time, you won’t know which changes lead to what results, and that’s just chaos.


Try to test elements that stand to help you achieve your most important goal. Most small businesses rely heavily on their websites to convince people to get in contact with them, so they often prioritize testing variables on their contact pages. But remember that you’re a snowflake: Your needs will be different from anyone else’s, so don’t follow someone else’s plan for variables just because it sounds good.


  • Choose a date range.

Set a specific date range as your testing period and then stick to it — don’t stop gathering data until it’s over. Why? Because you need standardization. Gathering information over a four week period will have drastically different results than if you’d gathered it over eight years, so comparing data from tests that ran for different lengths of time can get really wonky really quickly. Consider setting up a testing calendar so that you can stay consistent and productive.

Especially if your website has low traffic, (and therefore small amounts of data to analyze), you should pay attention to when and how long you run your tests. To compensate for low traffic, you can simply run your tests for longer so that you have the opportunity to gather more data points. But also remember that, through the magic of statistics, small amounts of data can still tell you quite a bit.

  • Gather Data Consistently


The way you gather and analyze data also needs to be consistent. Don’t redefine “conversion” partway through a test and don’t switch analytics programs at random times. Be intentional with how you handle your data. It’s the most precious thing you have!


The process of data-collection takes forethought. If you skip the “Predictions” step of the scientific method, your A/B test might dump piles of data into your lap that are mystifying and hard to correlate to anything you set out to determine. Think about your goals to discern what kind of data you want to see before you think about how to collect it. Analyzing data is where the real value of A/B testing comes from, but you’ll never reach that stage if you aren’t giving yourself the right information to analyze. No amount of trained bonobos can change that.




Small business A/B testers often look less like scientists and more like witch doctors divining fortunes from runes (not to knock rune-reading). And that’s okay. As long as you’re approaching things with a data-driven mindset, you’re headed in the right direction. And with just a little bit of focus, you can put a little more science into your day-to-day business.


In order for A/B testing to look and function as much as science as possible, remember to keep these things in mind:


  • Choose one variable to fiddle with.
  • Choose a date range and stick to it.
  • Gather data in a consistent and manageable manner.


To put these three tips in perspective, here’s a list of mistakes that some really smart folks have made when A/B testing. Many of these mistakes could have been avoided if they had stuck a little more closely to the tenets of scientific testing.


To make the process of A/B testing worthwhile, you should at very least heed the wisdom that the scientific method offers. Without its guidance, you’re more or less just throwing spaghetti at a wall to see what sticks. And that’s a waste of time and money.


So buckle down, grab a clipboard, and toss a little science into your web design. You’ll be glad you did.




Special note of thanks: In the process of writing this, I pestered a great many people for their know-how, including our WTC experts: Curtis, our web designer (the guy who designs websites); Tom, our web developer (the guy who builds websites); and Trevor, our Project Coordinator (the guy who wears many hats in our office).



*I have no idea how many licks it really takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. Tootsie Roll Industries has this page on their website addressing the subject, which leads me to believe that I was way, way off.