What vitamins should I take for energy

Do you know that intake of vitamins increases energy and promotes fitness by strengthening bones and teeth? Certain vitamin supplements can enhance the energy that you get from your daily diet and increases your vitality. Explore the article to know about what vitamins one should take to increase energy!


  • Vitamin B:  You would be glad to read that all the vitamin supplements having Vitamin B give an A performance when it comes to enhanced energy levels.  Vitamin B9 or folic acid is needed to manufacture red blood cells. Folic acid gets destroyed during the cooking process and its deficiency can lead to digestive disturbances, tiredness, and shortness of breath, insomnia and mental confusion. Vitamin B12 is needed for the production of red blood cells, which helps the body use iron, absorb vitamins from diet and digest food. B12 is crucial to the synthesis of protein and the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. Vitamin B12 supplements reduce fatigue in a nice way.  B6 stimulates metabolism and the lack of it can make you sluggish. Vitamin B increases energy and also calms your mind.
  • Vitamin C:  Vitamin C boosts the immune system and wards off illness. These vitamin supplements are paramount in the synthesis of a molecule called carnitine, which transports fats to mitochondria, which then turns the fats to energy. Since vitamin C cannot be manufactured in the body, it must be obtained daily in the diet through the food you eat. Oranges and tomatoes contain high levels of vitamin C. Vitamin C deficiency can lead to fatigue, tiredness and in extreme cases can lead to scurvy.
  • Vitamin D: The vitamin D helps to synthesize calcium, which is important for increasing metabolism and energy levels. This vitamin supplements also help the brain release serotonin, which increases both energy and mood levels.

What Vitamin Should I Take for Hair Loss?

It is true that it’s not easy to see your hair falling out while brushing on an everyday basis. Slight thinning becomes apparent when you lose too much hair. So what vitamins should I take for hair loss? Explore this article that guides you over a number of vitamin supplements that prevent hair fall and help it grow back.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is an antioxidant that helps Scalp oil production.. The daily recommended dose is 5000 IU however the Linus Pauling Institute of Oregon University has noted an increased risk of developing bone diseases such as osteoporosis associated with 5000 IU intake, and therefore some supplement manufacturers have reduced content to 2500 IU.


You would be surprised to know that deficiency of vitamin B12 causes hair loss, therefore, taking injections of B12 on a frequent basis helps in resolving hair loss problem in an easy way. Also, this vitamin is essential for activating the vitamin B6 and quite helpful in the creation of niacin. You can absorb vitamin B12 easily if you take Vitamin C as well. The physicians have recommended consuming 50 mg of Vitamin B12 on daily basis to prevent hair loss.

It is also believed that vitamin B6 prevents hair loss. It also aids in hair coloring and has a major role in the creation of niacin, which is needed for healthy circulation. B6 must be taken through diet or supplementation because the human body cannot synthesize it by itself. Daily recommended dosage up to 1.3 to 2 milligrams..

Vitamin B3 which is also referred as niacin is useful in reducing the cholesterol level in your scalp and it finally helps in hair growth. You should consume 16 mg – 18 mg dosage of this vitamin daily. Good one for the women who frequently ask what vitamin should I take for hair loss.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C helps maintain a natural antioxidant and healthy hair. Daily recommended dose is 90 to 120 mg.

So, if you too are wondering what vitamin should I take for hair loss then you should try these vitamin supplements out. Also, if you have any other important solution or suggestion then please share your views in comments. Thanks