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Blockchain, the future of digital marketing

The Blockchain technology is here to stay, and best of all, you still have to discover some of the practical features you can get (and online marketing is not going to be left out of them). By definition, ” Blockchain” – or chain of blocks – is a distributed database, public and of an accounting nature, formed by chains of blocks -or articulated chains-, composed of nodes and designed to avoid eventual modifications.

In other words, once a piece of information is published, a time stamp is used (which forms a “block”) and that result is linked to a previous block. This implies that to alter this data it is necessary to do it with each and every one of the blocks, hash (or cryptographic mathematical functions) and time stamps that until then had been executed. In the following image we can see a graphic representation of this technology:

As we can see, it is impossible to manipulate the chain of blocks , because we can modify or hack one or two blocks of data, but it is unthinkable that tens or hundreds of them are modified simultaneously. To that, we have to unite the idea that Blockchain is a centralized chain, formed by a multitude of nodes (that is, by computers, tablets , smartphones , etc.), which means that, for the network to fall, they must all the nodes fall simultaneously and in a parallel way – something that is quite difficult to achieve, since it is enough for one to be operative for the network to remain active.

Another advantage that Blockchain has is that it is a decentralized network , that is, it does not depend on any Government, Central Bank or financial entity. In conclusion, there are no intermediaries and the processes that are carried out through it are faster, more efficient and safer.

But is it possible to adapt Blockchain to online marketing?

We make a major mistake if we just say that Blockchain only applies to secure cryptocurrency transactions, such as Bitcoin , Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, Dash, or Iota, Bitcoin Cash , DeepOnion and Scolcoin . On the contrary, Blockchain has a unique practical potential that is yet to be discovered.

One of the practical applications of this technology would significantly affect the way of understanding the marketing in the different search engines, specifically in what has to do with SEO and SEM. Currently, companies such as Google, Facebook or Twittter act as a central, an intermediary, in the sense that they are the connection between advertisers and digital media. Therefore, to advertise through SEM in a certain medium it is necessary to do it through an intermediary.

With Blockchain technology, this dependence and intermediation would disappear since the business would be done without third parties, thus contributing to the process greater speed, efficiency and economic savings. But stating that implies in turn that the way to perform SEO positioning changes significantly: the web pages themselves will also have to incorporate Blockchain, being the most immediate consequence that SEO developers have to use protocols that incorporate the chain of blocks in each transaction .

Another functionality of the block chain could affect the way you advertise . Blockchain has been understood as a technology that advances towards the democratization of the Internet. In other words, it consecrates each user as owner and responsible for their data, but at the same time allows the user to choose the advertising he wants to receive according to his personal tastes. In this way, it could end intrusive advertising, or at least limit it.

Along with this, Blockchain would provide greater security to the process of online purchases and e-commerce. The reason is that it would allow the final recipient to know the entire production process of the product or service, from its manufacture to its final distribution. It would provide, therefore, greater confidence when conducting economic transactions and would end the possible fear of scams or forgeries. It would undoubtedly increase the application of online marketing policies at the business level.

Finally, this decentralized network formed by nodes would provide greater efficiency in user verification processes. Have you ever imagined surfing the Internet and that there are no trolls ? In part Blockchain would end anonymity on the Web, because each user would be subject to a personal, unique and non-transferable identity. Here, we would enter the famous debate: should we put doors to the field?

This content producer SkWebDesigningSolutions; Buffalo NY SEO Company clears that the Blockchain will revolutionize digital marketing in 2019, since it will bring significant changes at the level of natural positioning of search engines and SEM positioning, at the level of advertising on web pages and in terms of electronic commerce. On the other hand, these innovations must be accompanied by the promotion of innovation and research, not only for business but also at the institutional level. We need a secure network, in which to trust and in which our personal data are not treated without consent. Blockchain is here to stay.


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