5 Types of doctors

5 Types of doctors your child needs to survive in this world

After your child is born, your whole world changes. Your foremost concern is his health, and you’re ready to do anything to take care of him. However, the world is brutal and its environment is toxic. Your child has to continuously deal with the onslaughts of the toxic environment.

5 Types of doctors

Medical professionals can help your child to safeguard himself against the brutal onslaughts, and survive in this world. They can answer various questions, diagnose symptoms, and bring an all-round development of health.


Now there are different types of medical professionals your child may need to see to avoid and treat various types of health issues. Some kids just need to consult a family physician whereas others may have to consult an allergist. So, it depends.


But in general, here are the 5 types of doctors your child may have to interact with.


  1. Pediatric dentist: You should take your child to a pediatric dentist once the first tooth arrives. The pediatric dentist conducts a thorough examination of the mouth and lets you know if the tooth is coming out properly. He will suggest you tips to safeguard your child’s teeth and maintain good oral hygiene. After the first visit, book the next appointment after a few months for dental cleaning and exams.


Several kids need to consult an orthodontist for braces. If their teeth are crooked, then the pediatric dentist may refer them to an orthodontist.


  1. Pediatrician: A pediatrician can help to meet a child’s various requirements like yearly physical exams and treatment of various types of diseases. After your child arrives in this world, you need to take him to a child specialist doctor quite frequently. The child specialist doctor does a lot of things for your baby.

For instance, he measures the weight of the baby, checks the progress of the baby’s development, gives vaccinations, etc. However, after your baby turns 1, you can take him to the doctor less frequently.


If you’re a new mom, then your first job should be to find a good child specialist in your area. If you live in the Rajarhat area, then you should try to find a child specialist doctor in New Town as soon as possible. The child specialist doctor will give you the diet chart for the baby and help to take care of several issues deftly.


There are different types of child specialist doctors your child may need at the various stages of his life. These are:


  1. Neonatologist
  2. Pediatric Allergist
  3. Pediatric Cardiologist
  4. Pediatric Endocrinologist
  5. Pediatric Gastroenterologist
  6. Child Neurologist
  7. Pediatric Oncologist
  8. Pediatric Emergency Doctor


Usually, a child specialist doctor can take care of the general physical ailments. However, you may need to consult different types of pediatric specialists in special cases. For instance, a pediatric oncologist has expertise in helping children suffering from cancer.


  1. Endocrinologist: No one understands the body’s metabolism and hormonal changes better than an endocrinologist. If your child suffers from a hormone imbalance or diabetes, then you need to take him to an endocrinologist. Usually, babies don’t suffer from thyroid and adrenal problems. But once they reach puberty, they may suffer from these issues. In such situations, you have to take your child to an endocrinologist.


  1. Dermatologist: A dermatologist is an expert on skin related issues. He is capable of curing various types of skin diseases of a newborn baby. After your child is born, the dermatologist takes care of birthmarks and other inherited skin diseases. Once your child attains puberty, the dermatologist can help him to deal with acne, pimples, and other types of skin related issues.


  1. Allergist: When your child is allergic to something, and that affects his life, you need to consult an allergist. An allergist will examine your child thoroughly to determine if he is allergic to something. For instance, some children are allergic to lobsters. The moment they will eat lobsters, rashes or allergies come out on their skin. Similarly, some kids are allergic to eggplants. Allergists recommend necessary medical treatments to help children avoid and cure allergies.



Another type of pediatrician your child may need to consult with is an optometrist when he has a vision problem. After a child is born, the doctor inspects how he reacts to light. If there is a vision problem, then the pediatric optometrist will inspect the eyes of your child and suggest effective treatments to solve the problems.


If your child has a chronic eye problem, then he might need to undergo surgery. In that case, you have to consult an ophthalmologist who has specialization in surgeries. An optometrist is not certified or equipped to do surgeries.

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