Blockchain, the future of digital marketing

The Blockchain technology is here to stay, and best of all, you still have to discover some of the practical features you can get (and online marketing is not going to be left out of them). By definition, ” Blockchain” – or chain of blocks – is a distributed database, public and of an accounting nature, formed by chains of blocks -or articulated chains-, composed of nodes and designed to avoid eventual modifications.

In other words, once a piece of information is published, a time stamp is used (which forms a “block”) and that result is linked to a previous block. This implies that to alter this data it is necessary to do it with each and every one of the blocks, hash (or cryptographic mathematical functions) and time stamps that until then had been executed. In the following image we can see a graphic representation of this technology:

As we can see, it is impossible to manipulate the chain of blocks , because we can modify or hack one or two blocks of data, but it is unthinkable that tens or hundreds of them are modified simultaneously. To that, we have to unite the idea that Blockchain is a centralized chain, formed by a multitude of nodes (that is, by computers, tablets , smartphones , etc.), which means that, for the network to fall, they must all the nodes fall simultaneously and in a parallel way – something that is quite difficult to achieve, since it is enough for one to be operative for the network to remain active.

Another advantage that Blockchain has is that it is a decentralized network , that is, it does not depend on any Government, Central Bank or financial entity. In conclusion, there are no intermediaries and the processes that are carried out through it are faster, more efficient and safer.

But is it possible to adapt Blockchain to online marketing?

We make a major mistake if we just say that Blockchain only applies to secure cryptocurrency transactions, such as Bitcoin , Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, Dash, or Iota, Bitcoin Cash , DeepOnion and Scolcoin . On the contrary, Blockchain has a unique practical potential that is yet to be discovered.

One of the practical applications of this technology would significantly affect the way of understanding the marketing in the different search engines, specifically in what has to do with SEO and SEM. Currently, companies such as Google, Facebook or Twittter act as a central, an intermediary, in the sense that they are the connection between advertisers and digital media. Therefore, to advertise through SEM in a certain medium it is necessary to do it through an intermediary.

With Blockchain technology, this dependence and intermediation would disappear since the business would be done without third parties, thus contributing to the process greater speed, efficiency and economic savings. But stating that implies in turn that the way to perform SEO positioning changes significantly: the web pages themselves will also have to incorporate Blockchain, being the most immediate consequence that SEO developers have to use protocols that incorporate the chain of blocks in each transaction .

Another functionality of the block chain could affect the way you advertise . Blockchain has been understood as a technology that advances towards the democratization of the Internet. In other words, it consecrates each user as owner and responsible for their data, but at the same time allows the user to choose the advertising he wants to receive according to his personal tastes. In this way, it could end intrusive advertising, or at least limit it.

Along with this, Blockchain would provide greater security to the process of online purchases and e-commerce. The reason is that it would allow the final recipient to know the entire production process of the product or service, from its manufacture to its final distribution. It would provide, therefore, greater confidence when conducting economic transactions and would end the possible fear of scams or forgeries. It would undoubtedly increase the application of online marketing policies at the business level.

Finally, this decentralized network formed by nodes would provide greater efficiency in user verification processes. Have you ever imagined surfing the Internet and that there are no trolls ? In part Blockchain would end anonymity on the Web, because each user would be subject to a personal, unique and non-transferable identity. Here, we would enter the famous debate: should we put doors to the field?

This content producer SkWebDesigningSolutions; Buffalo NY SEO Company clears that the Blockchain will revolutionize digital marketing in 2019, since it will bring significant changes at the level of natural positioning of search engines and SEM positioning, at the level of advertising on web pages and in terms of electronic commerce. On the other hand, these innovations must be accompanied by the promotion of innovation and research, not only for business but also at the institutional level. We need a secure network, in which to trust and in which our personal data are not treated without consent. Blockchain is here to stay.


10 consumer rights in ecommerce

The e – commerce or e-commerce and experiencing unstoppable growth in recent years.

It is not strange that this is so, given the abundant use that we currently make of smartphones, tablets, computers, etc., and taking into account that 83.4% of homes have access to the Internet (Survey on Equipment and Use of Information and Communication Technologies in the Homes of the year 2017 of October 5, 2017).

Undoubtedly, electronic commerce has come to stay, not only in companies but also in most households. According to data from the WBS; womens bomber jackets supplier survey, “four out of ten people aged 16 to 74 have purchased over the Internet in the last three months.”

In addition, in the last year, 49.9% of the population (more than seventeen million people), have carried out electronic commerce operations. Travel, hotels, clothing, technology, food and tickets for shows are some of the most demanded products through electronic commerce. The motives? Mainly the price and the comfort.

Along with this rapid growth of sales through the Internet, the platforms that operate in the Network must be aware of the main obligations imposed by the Law. In addition, the Law must adapt and offer adequate protection to consumers with the specificities of online sales .

What are the main consumer rights in online commerce?


1. Right to obtain truthful information

It includes the identity of the company that sells, the products or services contracted, and the shipping costs. This information must be available to the consumer before making the purchase, so that we have all the essential data to be able to decide whether to purchase the product or service or not.

After the contracting, the seller must send the consumer a sales confirmation that includes the contract conditions in a durable medium.

2. Right to the protection of personal data

Consumers should be informed about the use and purpose of the collection of their personal data. They will also have the right to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition (extended to the right to forget and portability).

3. Right not to provide unnecessary personal data for the purchase

The consumer must only provide those data that are necessary to carry out the transaction and in no case may be forced to disclose data beyond what is necessary to conclude the sale.

4. Right to manifest consent

The acceptance of consent by the consumer through the marking of a box or confirmation through alternative means is an indispensable requirement. This consent must be express and unequivocal and through it we declare the conformity with the contracting conditions and the contracting of the product.

5. Right to be informed of the use of cookies or other data storage devices

The user of an electronic commerce website must be informed of the use and purpose of the cookies and of any other data storage devices, if any.

6. Right to receive personalized attention

The consumer should be able to contact the company, not only by email, but also through other means (such as telephone or face-to-face) that guarantee direct communication and a quick response .

7 Right to use different means of payment and that these are safe

Among the different alternatives offered by the seller (which must always be reliable and safe), the consumer has the right to use the means of payment he chooses to make the disbursement.


8 Right to receive the order within a maximum period of thirty days

(unless consumer and seller have agreed on a different term). In case the company could not deliver the order within this period, it must warn the consumer and the latter will be entitled to recover the money that has been paid up to that moment. In case of non-compliance with the delivery period, the consumer will have the right to obtain compensation.

9. Right of withdrawal and right to repair or replacement of the product or price reduction.

Every consumer has the right to forego the purchase for a period of fourteen days from the receipt of the product (that is, taking charge of the return costs), and this without the need to motivate the withdrawal. There are exceptions to this right of withdrawal (for example, intimate products, which do not allow return).

In addition, when the consumer receives a product that is not in accordance with the contract, he will be entitled to request repair or replacement of the product, or if these are not possible, the price reduction or termination of the contract.

10 Right to product warranty

This guarantee is for two years, the same as if we bought it physically or in person. In addition, in the first six months that guarantee is reinforced, as it is assumed that the defect is of origin, being the seller who must prove otherwise.

In conclusion, all the advantages that electronic commerce provides will only be achieved if consumers have the maximum guarantees and protections. Knowing that we are going to receive the product under the stipulated conditions, who we hire and where to go in case of problems becomes essential to continue increasing online sales every day and that consumers and users can take advantage of the convenience of buying from home.

The author of above content is Kazim Raza. He’s working as a Digital Marketing expert at BuyDissertation; a Uk Dissertations Writing website. He’s opt to increase traffic, conversion and ROI.

Why is Dubai famous for its desert safaris?

Dubai’s exciting urban town was designed on an impressive desert that these days unfolds around twenty kilometers behind the cities skyscrapers. Tour Company, we’ll give you a unique out of doors amusement, designed for people that wish to urge the foremost out of the exciting Dubai Desert safari.

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Straightforward Ways to Improve Your Health

Pretty much everybody needs to be healthier yet less individuals really find a way to arrive. Reality us getting to be healthier takes work yet there are an extensive number of things you can do to make it somewhat less demanding. One of these things is taking enhancements. A great deal of enhancements publicized to be powerful in expanding weight reduction or quality are excessively advertised and have no evident legitimacy in being compelling. In this article I will list supplements that have been appeared to enhance your body and upgrade your health in various ways. Each case that I will state has been substantiated by studies and there is extensive proof which approves them. Most of the people follow health blogs for health update and health tips.

On the off chance that you are overweight one of the principal needs you ought to have is to get in shape. Obviously you ought to eat healthy and practice so as to do this however there are extra advances you can take to get more fit utilizing supplements. One enhancement that has really been appeared to help with weight reduction is angle oil. Fish oil offers various health benefits and has been ended up being especially great your cardiovascular framework. There have likewise been examinations demonstrating that angle oil may enhance the manner in which the heart utilizes oxygen making it progressively productive. Also, weight reduction has without a doubt been appeared to be one of the advantages of fish oil. Nutrient C is a critical supplement and not having enough nutrient C can be exorbitant to your health. It is additionally something that reviews have appeared with weight reduction. Scientists have analyzed the fat consuming rates of individuals who took nutrient C versus individuals who did not and found that taking nutrient C does in to be sure increment fat consuming. A third enhancement that has been found to expand weight reduction is green tea extricate. Green tea has been appeared offer cell reinforcements to your body that can lessen malignant growth hazard however it likewise has something that can expand the digestion to enhance weight reduction. Green tea has something many refer to as catechin which ponders have indicated raises the digestion. To receive the incredible rewards of catechin you could simply drink green tea or you could purchase green tea supplements.

Keeping up a sufficient measure of utilitarian quality is additionally essential for your general health. Exercise and a healthy eating regimen ought to be your first methodology for picking up and looking after quality. When you have set up a healthy eating regimen and a successful exercise program you can consider a few enhancements that can encourage your solid quality. One thing you can make window ornament to have is a sufficient nutrient D status. Studies have demonstrated that not having enough nutrient D can really diminish your solid quality making this one reason having enough nutrient D is crucial for your health. Lamentably there aren’t a dreadful part of dietary wellsprings of nutrient D however it is found in liver and in numerous dairy items since America and numerous nations in Europe strengthen dairy items with nutrient D. The best common wellspring of nutrient D is daylight and spending a half hour or so in the sun is sufficient time for your body to make a healthy portion of nutrient D and obviously you can generally get nutrient D in enhancement frame. Creatine is another aggravate that is normally happening and found in meat, for example, chicken and steak and can be purchased in enhancement frame too. Creatine works by enabling your muscles to make a greater amount of a vitality called ATP. Having a greater amount of this vitality source influences it with the goal that your muscles to don’t weariness as fast. Creatine is an enhancement taken by a great deal of competitors to enhance their execution and is one of only a handful couple of games supplements really demonstrated to work.

Being healthy can be made simpler than you may might suspect. You ought to dependably practice and eat healthy yet taking enhancements can make life significantly simpler.

Hello, John Smith is a blogger. I love analysis and then writing down my own view. I would like to love on different topics like Business, Health, Sports, Life style, travel, Technology, Finance and many more.

Review apartment rental insurance, home insurance owner your online guide!!

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How Organizations Use Business Texting to Empower Business Model?

Business messaging is definitely not another term ananymoreThere are numerous that utilization the business messaging which is otherwise called landline messaging and content to landline. There are numerous ways businesses take advantage of this propelled SMS answer for and some of them are partaken in this article.

Business TextingBefore diving into subtleties of how to utilize business messaging adequately for your association, allows first comprehend what is business messaging. The landline messaging specialist organization content empowers a landline, toll free and VoIP line so it very well may be utilized for two way messaging. The business messaging administration is accessible at a reasonable month to month charge. Most of the people follow Business blogs for Business update and Business tips.

As you most likely are aware the utilizations the messaging, let me share how top businesses use it to fortify their business show:

  1. Sales and Business Development

Any necessities to deal with lead age and transformation. The messaging is extremely valuable in various tasks identified with deals and advancement. You can put Click-to-content catch on the site or urge your prospects to send an instant message on your business landline. This will make lead age less complex as they don’t have to fill in troublesome structures or have a formal call to start a request. The landline messaging is likewise helpful in sending periodic messages, for example, meeting update, warning of the sent email of proposition, and so forth. This will update your leads as often as possible without exasperating them.

  1. Customer Care

There are some that utilization messaging for client care rather than conventional help work area ticketing arrangement or messaging. The clients can send a basic content to landline of the, for example, “Framework Down” and the business messaging arrangement will send an affirmation email. The organization would then be able to deal with whatever is left of the conventions and perform expected activities to determine the worry of the client. The client care official can trade discussion with the client and a designer on location with the utilization of web application or portable application of the content to landline accessible for nothing with the business messaging administration.

  1. Internal Communication

The businesses additionally utilize the messaging for interior staff correspondence. This evacuates the need and speculation on other live talk arrangements and gives finish responsibility on the specialized instrument. As the staff will know about the way that all messages are logged, they are bound to keep their discussions entirely proficient. This frequently helps in expanding profitability.

These are the best 3 different ways the organizations utilize the messaging in their association. There are numerous advantages of this arrangement which engage the general model. For your better understanding, the utilization of messaging for deals, business advancement and client care expands consumer loyalty and its utilization for the interior correspondence will build the staff profitability. Likewise, it will help in diminishing the telecom cost, in addition, enhances work life balance. More or less, it encourages from multiple points of view to enable distinctive parts of the business.

Hello, John Smith is a blogger. I love analysis and then writing down my own view. I would like to love on different topics like Business, Health, Sports, Life style, travel, Technology, Finance and many more.

Homeowners Insurence Statistics

House coverage tips for homeowners.

Dealing with the result of a residential theft, fire or damaging storm can be seen as traumatic and tough obstacles for homeowners. In an ideal world, lost as a result of fires and other disasters can be prevented or lessened by planning and additional safety measures. The next suggestions and tips are intended to assist homeowners to avoid losses, and reduce damages at time damages happen. You`ll also find info that will be useful if you have the need to file a claim with your homeowner on-line insurance agency after damage.

What can I do right now that will make easier for me if sometime in the future I need make a claim to my residence insurance agency?

1. Create (and consistently update) a written inventory of the contents of your house and attach it to your residence ins policy.

2. Videotape or take pictures of the contents of your house and add them to your homeowners insurance policy.

3. Engrave your major possessions (television, stereo systems, etc.) by identifying marks. It is obligatory in some mobile coverages agencies.

4. Take pictures or record the outside of your home from few angles and viewpoints and add the photographs to the renter’s insurances policy.

5. Keep your property insurance policy, home inventory, appraisals, photos and video records in another site (your office or at a trusted pal).

6. Update your notes periodically – decide on a particular day every year to review the inventory notes, the homeowner on-line insurance policy and other papers.

What should I do in a situation of damage if I have a residence ins policy?

1. Inform your agent or homeowners insurance agency.

2. Ask your insurance agent or company what documents, forms, and other information you`ll need to process your renter’s insurance online claim.

3. Review your insurance coverage and ask your agent or homeowner on-line insurance company for a clarification of the coverage available for the damage.

4. Ensure your property as of further damage. Save the checks for the provisional fixing, and submit them to the house ins company for reimbursement. Everlasting repairs shouldn`t be made until after the agency has had a chance to examine the damaged possessions.

5. In case you are unable to keep living in your house, keep your home insurance online company informed of your whereabouts so they can get in touch with you.

6. In case the loss is due to a criminal act, such as break-in or robbery, notify the law and your house ins company.

You must prove your damage, and checks are the most excellent way to do it. In case you don`t have checks, then shots of the damaged or lost things made before the loss may make it easier to confirm the damage. Brochures and other materials might be useful too. If your house ins company demands a “proof of loss” document to be situated filled, completing it and giving it on time can help prevent delays in the claim process.

When the insurer has received the announcement of your claim, the renter’s insurance online company must confirm receipt in 10 business days, unless compensation is made in that period. In addition, insurers must complete a study of the claim in 30 days of being notified, unless the study cannot possibly be completed within this time.

If the insurer wants additional time to determine if your claim can be approved or denied, the homeowner insures online company must notify you and provide reasons in 15 commercial days of receiving the proof of damage. With a bit of luck, the studying of this text dealing with the subject of homeowners insurance was a good experience from your perspective. We did the best to craft it to be to the point and accurate yet covering all the viewpoints of the arguments that have to do with homeowners insurance.